Sunday, August 2, 2009


TRUE! You may be very fortunate to see this post because I have a feeling Joanna is going to delete it, but i just couldn't help myself. I have to share this story. As we are walking out of the GRAND Market/World Trade Center of the Great State of Texas, completely feeling on top of the world and as proud as punch of our new purchases, and through the largest revolving doors I have EVER seen in my life... Jo is one step inside the revolving doors when...CRASH...the precious new item we had just found drops into a thousand (ok, maybe 5 ) pieces. Jo drops to the floor to rescue the treasured pieces before the massive door sweeps them away, as I drop to the floor hysterically laughing and reaching for my camera. (how could i not capture such a graceful moment?) Two sweet older ladies run to Jo's rescue and look over at me like I have to be the rudest, most selfish girl they have ever seen. IT WAS WONDERFUL! If only i had had a video camera, you too would be laughing hysterically.
Below is an "after the crisis" pic. ENJOY!
OH, and dont worry, Jo was able to save and fix the wonderful item that now has a sweet story to go along with it!