Monday, August 24, 2009

Some wreathy ideas...

Wreaths are an inexpensive way to dress up your home for the holidays or to simply highlight the beauty of nature within your home. Here are some creative and fresh ideas on how to hang a wreath and make a statement!

~Get an old architectural piece like a gate or an iron accent and hang it on your wall and then wire your wreath to the front of it to help soften the heaviness of the architecture while playing on the dimension of your decor.

~Find a large heavy frame and hang it on your wall and then place a wreath on the inside of the frame. This will show your wreath off and make a statement.

~Hang your wreath over your bed or your baby's crib. It makes the room feel cozy and whimsical. We have some beautiful wreaths that are 2 tier hanging wreaths that would be perfect for this idea.

~Find an old screen door and screw it into your wall and place your wreath in the opening where the screen once was. This makes the room feel inviting while keeping things interesting and out of the ordinary.

~Lay your wreath on the center of your table and either put a plate on top of it to dress up your serving dish or put candles in the middle of the wreath for a unique centerpiece. To add some height, place the wreath on a large cake plate and follow the same idea.

~If you have a foot board at the end of your bed, a wreath is always a delicate touch to your room ensemble.

~Hang your wreath from the front of a mirror. Use fishing wire and tie it to the nail that is holding the mirror. Simply drape the hanging wreath over the mirror for a beautiful display- I love hanging wreaths in front of my mirrors- especially for the holidays.

The sky is the limit with what you can do with any object in your home. Always think outside the box- pull from your creative side and watch things come alive in places that were once dull and ordinary. We have a great selection of wreaths for our September show- hope you get inspired!

Here is a picture of my baby's room with a wreath over the crib

Friday, August 21, 2009

Amy Dale Photography

Amy Dale Photography is coming to A Magnolia Weekend for the October show!  Amy (Laura's Sister) lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She regularly does shoots in Tulsa and Dallas but is opening up appointments to us Wacoans October 8-10 while she is in town!  Amy has an incredible eye for photography mixed with a rare creativity in paper works design.  These two gifts put together make for YOU some amazing Christmas cards!  Amy has begun her "Christmas Card Shoots," and October is the perfect time to schedule an appointment so your cards will be ready for Christmas.  Check out her website at or email her at to schedule an appointment.  She will only be here three days, so hurry and book your appointment!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Wreaths for your Home

We have found a beautiful selection of wreaths for your home... here are pictures of some wreaths that have already arrived for our September show. We are so excited to introduce a new line of natural handmade wreaths that are currently being made(they are the prettiest wreaths we have ever seen!) You will have to come to the show to see them!

Fall Wreaths

Everyday Wreaths

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mark your Calenders!!

Mark your calenders and tell your friends... we are having a Magnolia Weekend the second weekend of these following months at the shop on Bosque- Thurs-Sat. We have accumulated some really good finds and we are so excited to share them with you!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mantles, mantles, and more mantles

We were on a mission to find mantles... and that we did! From old farmhouses in North Carolina to historic homes in West Virginia.-we have some really ornate, beautiful mantles for our September show. Laura and I have always loved salvaged old mantles... they tell a story from the past, they are the jewels that once adorned a home filled with life and love. Whether you are really needing a mantle for your actual fireplace or just want to put one up for architectural design- they are a beautiful reflection of the past and stories retold.

Mantle Inspiration

I have a couple in my house- one in my master bedroom and one in my little girl's room. They make for a unique focal point and bring balance to a room of any size.


We were able to make another successful shopping trip!  We have no idea how we fit it all on the trailer, but we did,  and thankfully it all stayed in place on the drive home. :) The boys were able to fish again while we(between pregnant cravings and poison ivy craziness) had a blast finding treasures.  We are working hard to prepare to show them to you...almost one month until the big weekend!


TRUE! You may be very fortunate to see this post because I have a feeling Joanna is going to delete it, but i just couldn't help myself. I have to share this story. As we are walking out of the GRAND Market/World Trade Center of the Great State of Texas, completely feeling on top of the world and as proud as punch of our new purchases, and through the largest revolving doors I have EVER seen in my life... Jo is one step inside the revolving doors when...CRASH...the precious new item we had just found drops into a thousand (ok, maybe 5 ) pieces. Jo drops to the floor to rescue the treasured pieces before the massive door sweeps them away, as I drop to the floor hysterically laughing and reaching for my camera. (how could i not capture such a graceful moment?) Two sweet older ladies run to Jo's rescue and look over at me like I have to be the rudest, most selfish girl they have ever seen. IT WAS WONDERFUL! If only i had had a video camera, you too would be laughing hysterically.
Below is an "after the crisis" pic. ENJOY!
OH, and dont worry, Jo was able to save and fix the wonderful item that now has a sweet story to go along with it!