Friday, January 15, 2010

Emmie Kay is here!

Little emmie kay came on January 5 and everything went so smooth and peaceful. Everyone is adjusting well...the other kids love her! Now that I will be staying home for a while, stay tuned for some ideas and projects I am working on!


New Season

Laura and I had such a great time doing 5 months of Magnolia Weekend. We had such a great turnout every month and enjoyed every minute of it! We both have been praying about this new year and what we should do with the weekend shows and what paths to take in our own personal lives. For now, I am enjoying staying home with my new baby and 3 other wonderful children. I feel the need to slow down and really enjoy these little beings God has put before me. I am still working with Chip and our home business Magnolia Homes doing design. I will always be in the market of doing magnolia shows, but for now- the once a month thing is a little too much to take on. However, I will be sending out posts regularly on fresh ideas for your home and updates on any upcoming events.
Laura is still praying about several options she has in front of her... we will keep you posted. I know whatever she does will be exciting and creative! She is talented and ready for new and exciting ventures!