Monday, August 24, 2009

Some wreathy ideas...

Wreaths are an inexpensive way to dress up your home for the holidays or to simply highlight the beauty of nature within your home. Here are some creative and fresh ideas on how to hang a wreath and make a statement!

~Get an old architectural piece like a gate or an iron accent and hang it on your wall and then wire your wreath to the front of it to help soften the heaviness of the architecture while playing on the dimension of your decor.

~Find a large heavy frame and hang it on your wall and then place a wreath on the inside of the frame. This will show your wreath off and make a statement.

~Hang your wreath over your bed or your baby's crib. It makes the room feel cozy and whimsical. We have some beautiful wreaths that are 2 tier hanging wreaths that would be perfect for this idea.

~Find an old screen door and screw it into your wall and place your wreath in the opening where the screen once was. This makes the room feel inviting while keeping things interesting and out of the ordinary.

~Lay your wreath on the center of your table and either put a plate on top of it to dress up your serving dish or put candles in the middle of the wreath for a unique centerpiece. To add some height, place the wreath on a large cake plate and follow the same idea.

~If you have a foot board at the end of your bed, a wreath is always a delicate touch to your room ensemble.

~Hang your wreath from the front of a mirror. Use fishing wire and tie it to the nail that is holding the mirror. Simply drape the hanging wreath over the mirror for a beautiful display- I love hanging wreaths in front of my mirrors- especially for the holidays.

The sky is the limit with what you can do with any object in your home. Always think outside the box- pull from your creative side and watch things come alive in places that were once dull and ordinary. We have a great selection of wreaths for our September show- hope you get inspired!