Saturday, February 20, 2010

Forest Ridge Thoughts...

I like to find homes that look lifeless and sad. I like to make these homes pretty and happy. But when I look at the Forest Ridge House (below), my chest gets tight and I can't breath... Where are the windows? Where is the symmetry? Where is the house? The challenge is set before me and I can't bail now. So here are some of my thoughts about this house and what I am going to do with it.

Every house needs a central focal point. A front door would be nice. But we can't see the front door. So, I am going to attempt to have the middle wall of mystery torn down. Behind it is a sweet little courtyard with much potential- thus the focal point for this home.
Just like the eyes are the windows to one's soul, in the same way- windows are the windows to a home's heart. Wow, that sounded like a bad card. Anyways, this home definitley qualifies as lifeless because of the lack of windows. I am going to add windows to the front of this house and replace all the metal windows throughout so it can bring in some sunshine.
Paint and Landscape- Along with the new windows, I want a new color for this house. The Red, White, and Blue is a little too themey for me. I am thinking of painting the house a soft, creamy white with a stark white trim and black accents (Shutters, Front door, Sconces, and Iron Work). New roof for sure and new landscape that has heighth and a lot of movement.


On the interior, it has nice arched entries and wooden beams on the ceiling. I am normally not a saltillo tile girl, but the design theme I am going to play with is a traditional home with a spanish style twist. Tasty.

All the bathrooms are going to have a very clean spa-like look. The bedrooms will be simple and the living areas will be wide open and truly livable.

The kitchen will have a warm, stylish feel. I like to play with patterns and textures in the kitchen. The saltillo tile will be layed straight on the floor and diagnol or brick patterned on the backsplash. Chunky painted cabinets with substantial oil rubbed bronze knobs.

Are you starting to feel it? I am...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

9902 Forrest Ridge

Chip and I have come across many homes we purchased to renovate that were tough, but this one has got to be the most challenging yet. I am going to try and reface the front of this house without blowing the budget. Keep checking the blog for new pictures on the renovation process. If you know anyone wanting to live in Woodway, this house will be a great option! 4 bedroom/3 bath.